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Geogeeks is a Perth meetup group having fun with open geospatial, open source GIS, and OpenStreetMap.

We're running a series of meetups and events to bring the Perth community together, and shine a light on what's happening in open geospatial. Think QGIS, PostGIS, OpenStreetMap, geospatial Python, and much more.

Upcoming events include guest speakers, mapathons, and technical workshops. Everyone welcome!

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Social Mapping Sunday: Ascot Bridge

Sunday, 14 April 2024 at 10:00AM (to 1:00PM)

The Riverdeck Restaurant & Bar, 1 Epsom Avenue, Ascot [map]

Join us for a walk by the water, exploring and surveying the Swan River in Ascot for OpenStreetMap. We’ll be given coffee, then investigate the new mountain biking track under the Tonkin Hwy bridge and stroll through the nearby Garvey Park adding amenities, paths, shops, and anything else we spot along the way, before sitting down for lunch somewhere.

Meet at 10AM at The Riverdeck Restaurant & Bar for coffee (generously provided by OSGeo Oceania) and a discussion of mapping tools and techniques, before planning where we want to map and heading off in small groups.

No experience is necessary! Bring your phone (and if you’re keen, see our list of recommended apps to get some ideas of how to get started). Alternatively, you might like to print off some Field Papers for some offline mapping with pen and paper.

Afterwards, we will grab ourselves some lunch at one of the nearby options.

Coordination on the day will be done via the Geogeeks Slack.

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Our Mapping in OSM

Take a peek at some of our plans for surveying (aka "exploring") the city (and scribble in your own):

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